Avoid taxation, Protect your Assets, Invest in High Profit Global Opportunities, Become a Global Citizen!

Tax Avoidance, Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Residency Planning!

We are experts in global tax avoidance and asset protection and our approach is unique!

  • We set the country you should be resident of!
  • We make your assets invisible!
  • We reduce your taxation up to 100%
  • We inform you about extremely high profit investments accessible only to few!
  • We help you live the life of your dreams!

Offshore Strategies

  • Transfer of tax Residence
  • Tax reduction up to 100%
  • Complete Asset protection
  • Offshore Bank Account opening
  • Offshore entity formation (Company, trust, Private Foundation)

Tax Planning

  • Income Tax reduction up to 100%
  • Capital Gains Tax reduction up to 100%
  • Inheritance Tax elimination
  • Real Estate Income and Capital Gains taxes elimination

Asset Protection

  • Tranfer of physical assets to offshore entities ruled by favourable jurisdictions
  • Transfer of cash reserves and bank deposits to “untouchable” offshore bank accounts
  • Formation of bearer shares companies to completelly vanish all assets that are threatened

Residency Planning

  • Offshore passport issuance for tax avoidance
  • ”Special jurisdiction” residency for asset protection
  • Quick EU second passport for business reasons and political risk mitigation
  • Favourable “retirement” passports
We are a team of global tax experts, lawyers, asset managers, accountants, business owners and investors. What sets us apart from everyone else is that our people come from an extremely wide investing background and have a significant experience in setting up aggressive offshore and onshore tax planning and asset protection strategies. We manage numerous offshore companies around the world, each serving different purposes, either as personal investment vehicles or for our clients’ account. During the past decades we have saved tens of million euros in taxes, protected assets exceeding one billion in value and our hands-on approach is what brings hundreds of new customers each month to our offices.

I am a German small business owner. I have read many books over the years promising to help me reduce my taxes but with no result. Free Capital’s books were finally able to give me accurate and up to date information regarding available offshore strategies to reduce my taxation. I recommend their books to anyone!

Gerhard S., Germany

I am a trader living in France. More than half of my profits were given to the government through taxation. With the help of Free Capital’s expert team we set up an offshore company
specially customized for my needs. The plan worked perfectly and my last tax bill was zero! Thank you guys!

Louis D., France

I am an Austrian doctor. Last year a legal claim jeopardized my assets. Luckily a businessman friend introduced me to Free Capital’s experts saying that whatever the problem they have the solution, just like with his case. He was right! Their plan completely protected my assets and even though I lost the legal fight I kept all my assets intact!

Jacob M., Austria

Tax Freedom: Offshore is the way to go!

Recently it has been widely captured by news that large corporations have been able to reduce their tax burden by legal means of tax planning.

However, nowadays this strategy is also a viable option for individuals looking to maximize their tax efficiency.

It is important to note that most western countries after the beginning of the crisis are facing a rather doom reality having to both raise their tax revenue while remaining competitive.

A large number of countries has went on to either establish special economic zones or provide at the national level a rather competitive and easy tax environment and legislation.

Utilizing the differences that arise from certain nation state tax structures is what comprises tax planning.

This action has attracted both corporations and individuals looking to maximize their tax efficiency. That kind of incentives are what have made the headlines as tax havens. Tax freedom therefore has been translated into going offshore to a tax haven paying 0 taxes for your income or capital gains! If you want to know how the big guys do it and how you can also benefit from these tactics then you should read our Stop paying taxes by going offshore! Aggressive legal and illegal strategies for professionals and companies to avoid all taxation! book! Just stay on the legal side!

Tax free property investments!

Nowadays, most countries attempt to tax the most prized value of any individual, which is his/her real estate.

Most of us are trying to find ways, therefore, in order to protect our homes and our families.

In this regard, certain solutions are available in order to be able to protect yourself.

Opening and maintaining an offshore company that holds your real estate is the best and most common solution in battling with heavy taxation.

An offshore holding company provides the benefit of having an efficient, friendly and reliable tax system, made and chosen on your needs and worries.

Though an offshore holding company may be beneficial also if you choose to sell your house.

In addition inheritance tax may be able to be circumvented, leaving your heirs with no worries in their minds.  

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself, your family and property from the state vultures, then you should go offshore.

If you want to gain maximum profit efficiency also go offshore! A very important guide to this transcendence to your real estate freedom is our Tax free property investing: How to avoid taxation and become a TYCOON! book! You will find every detail you need in order to stop paying taxes legally and make your property investments cash cows!

Exotic banking: double digit interest with the safety of a bond!

There is a great importance in offshore banking in the current turbulent and globalized environment.

Governments have in some cases completely falsely went on to perceive offshore banking as a means of evading taxes.

Usually people prefer offshore banking in order to escape or in order to avoid the unjust tax burden that they carry from their governments, achieve higher efficiency on their money or have the former right of tax secrecy.

It is important to bear in mind that double digits interest even though it may sound as an extraterrestrial percentage range it may be achievable by making the right choices in choosing an offshore banking jurisdiction.

The main characteristic of offshore banks is that they are placed in a third country from the individual’s and or company’s base.

Even though in the past those countries were underdeveloped nowadays they are also consisted by EU countries such as Cyprus or international champions such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

Finally you should keep in mind that you have to be careful in the bureaucracy part in opening an offshore bank account, which can be the case in some offshore banking jurisdictions. If you want to know everything related to offshore banking, how to take advantage of offshore accounts, where to open and how to maintain such accounts and everything else related to offshore banking and how you can benefit from it you can read our Ultimate Offshore Banking Guide book!


Become a global resident!

Investment and capital by definition are mobile. This has given rise to a trend, which has emerged as rather important during the current highly turbulent and globalized period of the world history, offshore citizenship and residency.

Economic citizenship provides the ability to those interested and their families with the ability to gain a citizenship status or other form of residency status based on a usually specific amount and type of investment in a particular country.

The number of Economic Citizenship Programs (ECPs) has experienced a rise in its issuance and use.

More and more countries are offering economic citizenship by making a financial contribution either to the government, the private sector or by buying residence in that country.

The main motives covered by those programs include international mobility and business travelling opportunities, tax planning, family and individual security and traditional immigration while still providing economic benefits from this investment. If you want to know more about global residencies offered around the world, how you can benefit from them and everything else related you can read our Offshore Residency and Citizenship: The Ultimate Guide! book!


Make your assets invisible!

Asset protection can be interpreted in various ways.

Though everyone with reasoning can interpret it by protecting assets from enemies, which for a wide bundle of reasons may want to have a piece of your hard-earned economic pie.

This could involve people from the close circle (friends, family etc.), business circle (competitors, business partners, etc.) but usually it is the government.

Nowadays it is too easy to have your assets and the fruit of your labor ripped, because there is no more the right to secrecy in an ever-changing world.

The most important parameter in protecting your physical assets (such as real estate) is not to have them in a vulnerable position, meaning registered in your name, because it deprives you of allocation and relocation mobility.  

The center of any asset protection structure is to use it from a bundle of many different choices of secrecy and profit efficiency.

Asset Protection for non-physical assets such as stocks, bonds and money is also important. Though in this choice you have to keep an eye on choosing a country with no or minimal information sharing; no or minimal foreign judgements recognition; and banking secrecy.

Hence baring those primary elements in mind you should make the best decision for you, your family and/or your business. If you want to know more about how to protect your assets no matter the threat and start implementing a strategic plan that will eliminate all risks related to hard earned wealth you can read our Make your fortune invisible: Asset protection secrets and advices from top business owners and high net worth individuals book!

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