Our Team

We are a team of global tax experts, lawyers, asset managers, accountants, business owners and investors. What sets us apart from everyone else is that our people come from an extremely wide investing background and have a significant experience in setting up aggressive offshore and onshore tax planning and asset protection strategies. We manage numerous offshore companies around the world, each serving different purposes, either as personal investment vehicles or for our clients’ account. During the past decades we have saved tens of million euros in taxes, protected assets exceeding one billion in value and our hands-on approach is what brings hundreds of new customers each month to our offices.

Our Vision

After 30 years of private consulting services, supporting under total discretion huge funds and multinational investment groups and using our unique techniques based on:

  • Tax Profile creation
  •  Aggressive Planning
  •  Tax Base transfer
  •  Onshore and Offshore planning
  •  Asset Protection

We decided to develop a private entity aiming to offer its services to small and medium sized funds that up to now didn’t have access to this specialized knowledge. What distinguishes these small and medium size funds from bigger ones is mostly the confusion concerning the arsenal they have at their disposal in order to protect their assets and legally avoid taxation and the misbelieve that only huge funds can benefit from that kind of solutions. This belief stems from their ignorant or semi qualified consultants, partners, lawyers, accountants, especially when it comes to global tax and asset protection planning resulting in them being victims and losing their money paying for mediocre or no solutions! Another huge misbelieve is that in order to avoid taxes or have an asset protection strategy you have to be on the “dark” side and be illegal… This is what non professionals and unqualified “consultants” claim to justify their inadequacy and incompetency. The answer is that when there are completely legal ways to minimize taxation and protect your assets you have to be irrational to do it  illegally and risk everything!

Through our forum every businessman, private investor and small or medium size fund can be informed about all available “tools”, through books, articles, magazines, monthly reports, customized personal strategic planning implementation, in order to face the irrational taxation and protect his/her assets from every possible threat, whether it’s the government, creditors that need to be avoided or even an ex spouse or former partner.


Our techniques are very aggressive but strictly legal, adjusted to all the new requirements that auditing authorities and global bureaucracy, like OECD, impose and always up to date with the latest evolutions. We deeply believe in knowledge accumulation and precision when it comes to strategic planning execution, in experience acquired after many years of taking action within the field of tax minimization and asset protection and the implication of the accumulated know-how material through our tested, reliable, trustworthy and discrete global network of partners.



I am a retired former corporate member living in the UK. For five years now I was losing  part of my monthly pension due to high taxation until a fellow ex-colleague introduced me to Free Capital. I started reading their books, which were very informative and accurate, and then I also tried their tax planning service. For two years now my taxes are almost zero and with the extra money me and my wife can travel very often. We can also buy more presents for our grandchildren! Free Capital changed our lives!

Gilbert M., UK

I am a Russian businessman. For months I was trying to find a way to monetize some of my assets without giving away a great part of my fortune to the government. There was also the problem of exchanging my money for euros and transferring them to a European bank account for safety reasons. Free Capital’s experts handled the whole situation and in less than a week they had everything settled! I couldn’t believe it! These guys are as of then the firsts I ask for an advice when it comes to basically everything that has to do with my assets.

Alexey G. Russia

I am the owner of a very small software company in Finland. After reading many books and meeting with many “experts”, I had decided that an offshore strategy was what I needed in order to reduce my taxation. However no one seemed to know exactly what I had to do, where to go and how to connect all the different pieces of the puzzle. As I was roaming the web I came across Free Capital. I tried one of their books, then another and after 4 months I had read more than 15 books. Every book was awesome and could really fill in the gaps I couldn’t fill for so many years! I was finally ready to implement my tax reduction plan by myself, although in the end the help from their expert team proved invaluable! In no time I had the right offshore destination in place, a company, an offshore account and a flawless plan for zero taxes!

Lukas S., Finland

I am an Austrian businessman, married, with 3 children. Me and my wife after many years of hard work managed to accumulate a substantial fortune which we planned to give to our 3 children. However, taxation was so ridiculously high that more than half of our fortune would be lost in the form of taxation! Thank God my accountant introduced me to Free Capital’s experts! The procedure was fully designed and implemented by them and we paid no taxes at all! These guys saved half of our lives’ hard work!

Daniel R., Austria

I am a trader living in Italy. For every successful trade I had to pay substantial taxes to the government but no one would mitigate the loss from a bad one. I knew Free Capital from a fellow businessman and I decided to dive in! I read most of their books as these guys’ expertise was very useful for me and my clients and I also went on with the offshore strategic tax planning with them. Well, in a week they had everything ready for me and I never paid taxes again! Buying their books and services was the most profitable and secure investment I have ever made!

Lorenzo G., Italy

I am a German small business owner. I have read many books over the years promising to help me reduce my taxes but with no result. Free Capital’s books were finally able to give me accurate and up to date information regarding available offshore strategies to reduce my taxation. I recommend their books to anyone!

Gerhard S., Germany

I am a trader living in France. More than half of my profits were given to the government through taxation. With the help of Free Capital’s expert team we set up an offshore company

specially customized for my needs. The plan worked perfectly and my last tax bill was zero! Thank you guys!

Louis D., France

I am an Austrian doctor. Last year a legal claim jeopardized my assets. Luckily a businessman friend introduced me to Free Capital’s experts saying that whatever the problem they have the solution, just like with his case. He was right! Their plan completely protected my assets and even though I lost the legal fight I kept all my assets intact!

Jacob M., Austria