Monthly Report

Our team of experts roams the globe and connects to a huge network of partners in  multiple jurisdictions getting all the latest information about everything offshore and onshore! All these information are gathered in an issue every month and are distributed to our premium clientele through an e-magazine. This monthly report contains both foundational articles and all the latest information related to:

  • Aggressive offshore tax planning and how everyone can reduce his/her tax burden by up to 100%, whatever the background or the case!
  • Global evolutions in even the most remote…or even unmapped!…jurisdictions around the world that can protect your assets from any threat, whether it’s the government, a creditor, an ex spouse or anyone else!
  • Foreign residencies, requirements and the benefits they have for different people profiles (business owners, professionals, pensioners, investors, traders, etc.)
  • Second, third and multiple passports around the globe, how to get them and what advantages they have for their owners
  • Offshore banks, their liquidity and capitalization, services offered and the benefits everyone can have by using certain accounts!
  • Interest rates offered around the world and the risk undertaken related to the corresponding  currency in order to enjoy double digit returns!
  • Foreign currencies, their stability and investment perspective
  • ….basically everything that protects your wealth, reduces your taxes and gives you back the economical freedom you are entitled to!

So, if you want to be on the edge of information before you make your next decision and know everything you should know then start reading our monthly report and reclaim your economical freedom!