Offshore Strategies Consulting

Offshore destinations are usually the base for every strategic plan that has to do with tax reduction, asset protection, political protection, residency planning and possibly everything else. Just to make things clear: offshore is not a vague or “shadow” word that only criminals use! It’s just everything that is not located within a person’s home country territory! That means every country in the world apart from where you were born (most of the times at least!) is an offshore destination. As you can imagine the possibilities are endless! And that is because every country has something different to offer! Others offer extremely low taxation, others can offer very efficient asset protection because of their legal system, others offer an easy bank account opening, others give a very quick residency and the list goes on. Of course there are some that perform better than others in almost every sector. You can see a list of the top overall performing offshore jurisdictions here. It all depends on what you want to achieve and which way you want to achieve it. For example you may choose to open a bank account in Mongolia or Uganda if you are hungry for interest rates that exceed 12%! That is of course if you are willing to take on the risk of having your money deposited in Mongolian Tugrik or in Ugandan shilling. Does this sound scary to you? Maybe yes, but that is not always the case. The following story is about Harry, a client and fellow investor that we advised to open an offshore account in a country that he had never heard of and he ended up with profits exceeding 30% in less than 3 months, and it was not just interest! Our e-book “Pay zero tax as a professional: Secrets of tax avoidance for lawyers, doctors, engineers, consultants and every other professional!” can help you duplicate Hary’s success if you are a professional! Of course there are many others that tried offshore jurisdictions for keeping their money safe and ended up losing a great part or even all of it! Life is actually full of failures and in the “hit or miss” moto, hits are 1-2 and the rest 98 are misses! You need to be extremely well informed to be in this 2% percent, always up to date and never let your guard down because it’s a cruel world that changes every single moment leaving victims in its twists and turns…

Well, good news for you! Our team of global experts has been there, done that…again and again…and as you read this page one or all of them are on a plane travelling to an offshore jurisdiction or arranging the opening of a bank account for one of our clients…If you are ready to be in this successful 2% just ride along!

Tax Planning

Are you still paying taxes?…Well, you shouldn’t! Why? Because we can give you an alternative and help you legally reduce your taxation up to 100%! Are you a small business owner? A huge business owner? A real estate investor? A trader? A professional (doctor, engineer, architect, or anything else)? A wealthy individual that collects passive income from dividends, interests or royalties? A parent that wants to pass his fortune to his children? To be honest it doesn’t matter which of the above you are. It doesn’t even matter whether you are an American, European, Australian or anything else! Our global tax experts can help you completely eliminate your taxes! Stefan, an Austrian architect used to pay more than 40% of his income in taxes! Imagine that, every year half of Stefan’s profits were going to the government…not to make Stefan’s life better but in order to buy votes, as it usually happens in every country…Well Stefan was lucky enough to get to know us. Guess what!…Our team of global experts after thoroughly examining his case implemented a plan and now Stefan pays 0 taxes! Completely legally! And he is both significantly wealthier and happier! You can learn in depth about offshore strategies implemented for tax reduction by reading ourStop paying taxes by going offshore! Aggressive legal and illegal strategies for professionals and companies to avoid all taxation!” book! Of course the solution is not the same for everyone. Every single case is unique and the solution for tax elimination can be vastly different between two cases. Gabriel is a German real estate investor who thought that because real estate is attached to a country’s ground there was no way to reduce taxation related to its income. He was wrong! One his friends introduced him to us and we took over in order to reduce his huge taxes…and we made it! Gabriel’s taxation is now zero! It also didn’t take much time! In less than a month everything was ready, the offshore company was set up, the offshore account active and Gabriel was collective tax free rents! The strategic planning for Gabriel was completely different from Stefan’s.

If your case is closer to Gabriel’s or has any relation to real estate then theTax free property investing: How to avoid taxation and become a TYCOON!” book is all you will ever need to read! As you can see no matter the country or the case there is a solution to reduce your taxation to zero. All you really need is to take action!

Asset Protection

Is any or all of your assets in danger? Are there legal claims threatening to lessen your fortune in any way? Fear not! Whether it’s a creditor, an angry spouse or even a crazy government our team of experts orchestrates a plan to hide your bank accounts, stocks, real estate and every other asset from every possible enemy and make them completely untouchable even if they find them! It’s not magic, although this service possibly has magical effects in your life creating a barrier that protects all your hard earned wealth! It’s just that over the years our team members have been in similar situations and have the legal and technical knowledge required to pull through these situations. Paul, a French investor had legal claims over his assets and he was on the verge of losing everything when we took over. Even while in the middle of a legal dispute we managed to change the ownership of the assets while still leaving Paul controlling them at “ghost mode” meaning that he was taking all the decisions but no one could see his name on the papers. Our plan was so successfully implemented that when the opposing party realized what we had accomplished stopped the procedure as they knew that even if they won the fight they wouldn’t be able in any way to claim the assets! This is what I call a success! You can learn about the strategies used for asset protection by reading our “Make your fortune invisible: Asset protection secrets and advices from top business owners and high net worth individuals” book. Of course things would have been a lot easier (and cost effective) if Paul had decided to act proactively and create his protective wall before anyone would put his evil eye on his assets. And that is what we suggest to everyone! To act proactively!

This way the procedure will be a lot less stressful and even if the thought of coming against your assets crosses someone’s mind, this thought will vanish as soon as his lawyer informs him/her that your assets are invisible and that he can’t even find one of your bank accounts!

So act proactively now and take immediate action!

Residency Planning (Economic Citizenship Programs, Global Tax Residency)

Have you ever dreamed of having zero tax rate in your country? Or double digit interest rate for your bank deposits? Or no matter what happens that nobody can harm your assets? Well that is completely possible! Around the world there are countries that match every possible desire and they offer residency and citizenship programs. Our team of experts can guide you through all residencies and citizenships available around the world and can suggest a range of options that matches all your needs! Because you were born in Germany does not mean that you have to pay extremely high taxes! You can enjoy Switzerland’s health care system, some exotic country’s double digit interest rates, Monaco’s security and prestige, zero taxation, asset protection from any possible legal claims and the stunning view of exotic beaches while still living in Germany! Michael, a German investor wanted the above (and to be completely honest who wouldn’t?) and came in contact with our global expert team. Well, now he lives the dream and can’t thank us enough for that! If you want to know what we did to help Michael and how you could do it too then you should read our “Offshore Residency and Citizenship: The Ultimate Guide!” book. Tom and Lisa, a UK couple, after many years of hard work wanted to pass their fortune to their children. However this was not possible while being UK residents without giving away almost half of their fortune to the UK government. After advising them they changed their residency and gave all their fortune to their children without paying any taxes. If your case is similar or has anything to do with inheritance then you must definitely read our “10 ways to pass your fortune without paying the government a single euro!” book. You can thank us later!… As you can imagine the possibilities are endless and whatever is that you need there is a country that can offer it to you. Set a goal and we will get you there, giving you back your freedom!