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  1.  Pay zero/Stop paying taxes by going offshore! Aggressive legal and illegal strategies for professionals and companies to avoid all taxation!
  2. Secrets of tax evasion: Market practices and real life examples!
  3. Secrets of Money Laundering! Market practices and real life examples!
  4. Tax free passive income: Stop paying taxes on your interests, dividends and royalties!
  5.  Tax free property investing: How to avoid taxation and become a TYCOON!
  6.  Go online and stop paying taxes: Offshore secrets for e-shops and online service providers to reduce your taxes to zero!
  7. Pay zero tax as a professional: Secrets of tax avoidance for lawyers, doctors, engineers, consultants and every other professional!  
  8. 10 ways to pass your fortune without paying the government a single euro!
  9. 10 huge mistakes every tax payer does!…and how to avoid them!
  10. How to be Invincible: Asset protection for business owners and high-risk professionals
  11. Be Invisible: Hide your bank accounts from the government and everyone else!  
  12. Live the Dream: Monetize your fortune and pay zero taxes!
  13. Make your fortune invisible: Asset protection secrets and advices from top business owners and high net worth individuals
  14. Tax free stock trading: Stop paying taxes and become the new Warren Buffet!
  15.  Tax free inheritance: Avoid all taxes and stop sharing your fortune with the government!
  16. Tax free pension planning: Offshore secrets to avoid all taxes!
  17. The proven path to hide your legal and illegal money: All methods and market practices
  18. The Ultimate Money Guide for Russians:-Practices used to legalize your illegal money-Practices used to completely hide your money from the Russian government and any other government in the world!-How and where to exchange your Russian rubles easily with euros or dollars, no questions asked!-How to transfer your money to a European, a US or any offshore bank no matter where they are now
  19. The Ultimate Offshore Banking Guide:
    -Pros and Cons of offshore banking-Analytical comparison of all available offshore jurisdictions!-How to open, maintain and handle an offshore account
    -Services offered by offshore banks and how to benefit from them!
    -International laws concerning offshore accounts and how they affect you!
  20. Offshore Residency planning for everyone! Get your second passport right now!-Everything you need to know about domicile, residency and citizenship!
    -The difference between residency and a second passport!-The best and fastest passports around the world!-An introduction to economic citizenship programs!
    -Tax benefits from a second passport!
  21. Offshore Residency and Citizenship: The Ultimate Guide!-An analysis of all economic citizenship programs around the world and how to choose among them!-Ranking of all available economic citizenships!-How to use your second passport for tax reduction and asset protection!-Economic citizenships and offshore banking: how to connect the dots!