Customized Aggressive Planning

This is our ultimate service! Our team of global experts thoroughly examines every detail of your case and sets up an aggressive plan that will solve your problem, no matter what it is, upon implementation. Depending on the case, the solution may require many steps that will be explained in every detail in our plan, giving you a range of options to choose from, all leading to the desirable solution! For example you may need to get a passport in a foreign jurisdiction, set up a private foundation in a different exotic country, open three different offshore banking account types, set up a subsidiary somewhere else and transfer a part of your home country corporation profits abroad through a royalties agreement under certain rules and limits in order to reduce your taxation and protect your assets. It may sound like a lot of fuss but the plan implemented will be completely legal and in compliance with every global auditing authority or national jurisdiction. We have been doing this for decades for huge investment groups following every rule existed in order to pass the highest level of scrutiny and audit, always following even the latest rules implied! So, we have the expertise to set up a plan that will get you out of every possible scenario that you want out! Our team of experts can help you to:

  • Reduce your taxation up to 100% through a completely legal and very aggressive offshore planning, whether you are a business owner, a highly paid corporate partner, an investor, a trader, a pensioner or anything else!
  • Protect your assets from any threat, whether it’s the government, an angry ex spouse, a creditor, a former partner or anyone else, even when there are law suits in place and are on a late stage or even when tax authorities are trying to confiscate your fortune!
  • Set up a plan with multiple residencies and passports around the world to mitigate your political risk and have a welcoming ”home country” that will accept you with open arms ready to back you up legally whatever happens where you currently live.
  • Help you set up a wide network of offshore accounts and physical safe deposits in global secure destinations able to completely hide your cash, accept your money wirelessly and even store your physical precious metal investments, making them invisible to anybody, whether they are governments, auditing authorities or private entities!
  • …basically do whatever you need to do in a completely legal way in ways you have never imagined!….

So if you want to have your problems solved and reclaim your freedom take on our customized aggressive planning!